Welcome to The Project!

Hey Gal! 

Here at BGW Project we are creating a cultural movement towards social good. It is a cause of passion inspired by you, BG.

I'm Tash.

Growing up in Silicon Valley in the 90’s was a no-man’s land for a first generation brown girl.  

Not fully Indian, Not fully American. Not fully fitting in.
Sure, we had “cool” tech t-shirt swag to unite us.

And for many of us, that inspired us in terms of what we could do with our minds. We studied hard, worked hard, we contributed to 
creating the future.

But when I was a kid, I didn’t see athletes that looked like me. 
The girls in fitness mags and product ads sure didn’t look like me.
No one told me that I could be just as powerful with my body as I am with my mind. That the two are deeply connected, and equally important.

Because I didn’t see myself represented, I didn’t know what I was capable of. I struggled for years with feeling isolated, with resenting my body; not knowing the power of being able to take control of my health + my self image.

In today’s world, we have the unique tool of social media, that allows us to see what women just like us are accomplishing around the world – but it’s still so rare that we bridge the gap and see ourselves as one. 

I’d like to change that.

There is such strength in community, in REPRESENTATION and the INSPIRATION we can be to one another when we see ourselves reflected in greatness.

And so, this Project aims to do just that: create a platform for us to be inspired by other BG’s worldwide – to be connected, to seek inspiration, to see and be seen.

And with it a line of  mother earth fitness clothes made FOR brown girls, for our bodies, for our shape, for every beautiful shade we come in, however we decide to show up for ourselves.

Whether greatness means going for a walk, dancing in your room, hiking with your friends, or crushing it in the gym – you deserve to have clothes that help you feel confident and beautiful.

The goal at BGW is as simple as this. To provide simple, actionable ways to help brown womxn be as brave in owning their health and loving themselves as they are in every other area of life.

This is my way of sharing with you all the process of trying to build a community, of empowering womxn, girls, and humans towards daily habits of self-celebration.  

I’m a creative BG with a passion for all things Health + Wellness. 
I started The BGW Project to encourage womxn, girls, and humans towards daily habits of self-celebration by empowering them to connect to lives and bodies they love. 

Got a story about your wellness journey you’d like to share with me?
Found a cool product or artist you love, or just want to say hi?
I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line below. 


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